News, Updates and Getting Momentum Again!

Sun 12 July 2015

Hello again, Internet People! Lets start with some news and updates!

Hacker School is now The Recurse Center

This is kind of 'old' news, but since I went AWOL for a while, I'm only now making the announcement to the world. For now, I am going to leave my old blog posts that mention Hacker School as is, but in the future I hope to go back and change them. Going forward, I will use 'The Recurse Center' exclusively.

For anyone who would like more information about The Recurse Center or about the name change, check out these links:

I'm working at Security Compass

After a few months of job searching this winter, I landed a position as a paid intern at a Security Compass in Toronto. I am a little over 3 months into the position, and I have signed a contract to become a permanent Junior Dev starting in August! I am excited to be staying with them, and I look forward to the challenges to come!

I want to take a quick moment here to thank The Recurse Center for all of the support it offered me during the job search process. I found much support and advice from the facilitators as well as from other recurse center participants, and for that I am really grateful. Thank you.

Building Momentum

The move and the internship have been the primary reasons for my blogging leave of absence. Initially, with all these changes in my life, I needed more rest than usual and so I took a break from blogging. But then as time passed I found it was increasingly harder to get back into writing. Despite the plethora of articles I had buzzing in my head demanding to be written, procrastination always seemed to win. And in the rare moments when I actually managed to write something, I often couldn't find the time to 'perfect' my work and so perfectionism silenced me from publishing it.

This blog post is my attempt to battle perfectionism and procrastination. I hope that with this imperfect blog post, I can get the ball rolling again, and build the momentum to start writting on a somewhat more regular basis again.


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